Combating unfair competition

We advise on protecion against acts of unfair competition in its broadest sense.

We are experienced in handling unfair competition cases. Apart from cases concerning passing off, copying of products, use of misleading signs and designations, infringement and abuse of trade secrets and protection of know-how, blocking access to the market or unfair advertising, we have provided our clients with assistance, inter alia, in assessing whether a given behaviour leads to the abuse of a dominant position or market partitioning. Those issues often coexist with patent disputes or those concerning trademarks and parallel import.

Our services include:

  • conducting negotiations and mediation;
  • litigation starting from collecting and securing of evidence, preparation of all pleadings in pre-trial proceedings;
  • preparation of agreements safeguarding trade secrets and protection of know-how;
  • legal assessment of the planned activities in terms of their compliance with the rules of fair competition, anti-monopoly and consumer protection law.