Customs seizures

We have many years of experience in fighting against trading with counterfeit goods. We are involved in both market monitoring and cooperation with law enforcement agencies, private investigators and auction portals (on-line marketplaces). We carry out seizure programmes for national and multinational companies from various sectors of the economy acting in accordance with Regulation 608/2013 of 12 June 2013 on the enforcement of intellectual property rights by customs authorities.

One of the more effective methods of eliminating illegal goods from the market is to have a so-called customs protection applicable especially to the import and export of counterfeit or IPR-infringing goods from and to the territory of the European Union. Regulation 608/2013 applies to a number of intellectual property rights, including, inter alia, trademarks, patents, SPC, utility models, industrial designs, copyright and plant variety rights.

Our activities include not only the filing of an application for customs protection or a request for information on the importer or exporter of the detained products, but also assistance in the destruction of goods and in civil or criminal proceedings initiated by the filing of a lawsuit or an application for criminal prosecution, respectively.

We assist our clients in cases of transit of counterfeit goods, as the transit through the European Union of products bearing a counterfeit trademark or infringing other intellectual property rights and not destined for the EU market must be distinguished from the infringement of intellectual property rights involving the import or export of counterfeit goods.

We help Clients:

  • effectively eliminate fakes from the stationary and online markets;
  • submit an application for customs protection and organize a training system for customs officers and policemen;
  • enforce your rights in criminal and civil proceedings.