Our goal is always to find the most effective and efficient solutions. Protecting intellectual property rights sometimes requires litigation.

We support our clients at all stages of the proceedings, from the preparation of a comprehensive strategy and action plan, risk assessment, to the initiation of legal actions before court, drafting of writs and representation before all courts, i.e. civil, criminal, administrative.

We also support clients in situations where claims for infringement of intellectual property rights have been filed against them and they have to defend their rights.

We have experience in complex litigation. We are not afraid of precedent cases setting down new interpretation of the law. We protect famous foreign brands in Poland and Polish brands abroad. We have extensive experience in patent disputes, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.

We act to the point and out of the box, we combine many years of experience and ingenuity with well-established knowledge. We work in an interdisciplinary manner and our team comprises lawyers and specialists with industry-specific knowledge. We willingly take up challenges and look for new, unconventional solutions.

We are oriented on reaching effective solutions and advise on such legal steps that will best serve the achievement of our clients’ optimal business goals.

Our litigation portfolio includes cases concerning:

  • patent infringement;
  • trademark infringement including parallel imports;
  • internet domain cases;
  • protection of famous trade marks;
  • unfair advertising;
  • infringement of design rights;
  • cases before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (PPO) and the EU Intellectual Property Office in Alicante (EUIPO);
  • discovery of information on infringement;
  • securing evidence of infringement;
  • acts of unfair competition;
  • copyright infringement.