IP due diligence – Audit of intellectual property rights

IP due diligence takes on particular importance when you want to use intellectual property as part of your business development strategy. Intellectual property rights are often the most valuable asset of a company. This is particularly noticeable in the case of innovative companies.

An IP audit is fundamental in the case of business transactions, mergers and acquisitions or company reorganisations, but also when we want to assess the potential of intellectual property in your company and evaluate its effectiveness. The information gained during an IPR audit can influence or determine the final decision of investors whether to get involved in a particular project. This is because it will determine whether the proposed transaction is worth the requested price or whether the offer should be revised.

Our services include:

  • an assessment of the status of intellectual property rights, in particular an analysis of the individual industrial property rights, copyrights, know-how, internet domains, etc. that the company uses;
  • verification and determination of the owner of intellectual property rights and when they expire;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of license agreements and the potential risks;
  • preparing contracts for the assignment or transfer of intellectual property rights;
  • making appropriate changes to official registers;
  • assessing potential infringements and risks related to the enforcement of intellectual property rights.