Over many years we have specialised in pharmaceutical patent litigation. We have worked for international pharmaceutical companies protecting their patents in Poland both before the courts and before the Polish Patent Office.

We have experience in handling multinational, international litigation. We cooperate with renowned international law firms. We have made a major contribution to the creation of the Supreme Court’s line of case law favourable to patent holders, setting standards for patent protection in Poland.

We have handled precedent cases, including the only case in Poland on the interpretation of the so-called Bolar exception in Polish law. We contributed to the consolidation in Polish industrial property jurisprudence of a broad understanding of the concept of offering, as all activities aimed at encouraging third parties to purchase a product being the subject of a patented invention.

This concept covers various marketing activities, in particular advertising, promotion, presentations at exhibitions, placing advertisements and information about the possibility of acquisition in catalogues, price lists and other materials, as well as in magazines and on websites.

For those interested, here is a link to the Supreme Court judgment: