Industrial Designs / Protecion of Designs

Industrial design is a thriving field of both creative and economic development. The need of aesthetics results in a constant striving to create beautiful, original and unique things. Unique design is not just about clothing, the packaging of various products or household appliances. In fact, design is important in many industries, from the automotive sector to lighting and interior decoration.

Protection of design covers the appearance of a product. It can be the shape, texture or even selection of original colours. The unique design of a product often determines its success on the market. Original and attractive objects not only stand out from the competition, but also influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Market trends show that it is not only the practical features of a product that are important to buyers, but also its visual appearance.

Given the importance that design plays, it is important to protect one’s interests with regard to the appearance of a product at the earliest possible stage. An effectively protected industrial design can be a business’s significant asset.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of industrial design protection. We will prepare applications for registration, advise you on correct protection strategy to effectively and efficiently protect your rights in Poland and abroad.

Our services include:

  • support in developing a strategy for industrial design protection;
  • registration of industrial designs in Poland, the EU, internationally and worldwide
  • maintenance of protection;
  • drafting of agreements governing the creation and authorship of a design, licence agreements, transfer of rights to a design, etc.;
  • litigation before the Polish Patent Office and the EUIPO concerning invalidation and protection of industrial designs (Community Designs);
  • representation before administrative courts on decisions issued by the Polish Patent Office;
  • representation in court in industrial design infringement cases.