The development and popularity of the Internet allowed creators and artists to reach an unlimited audience, but also posed new risks. The ease with which content and works once uploaded on the Internet can be copied and further distributed has meant that it is in the digital environment that copyright infringements are most common.

In Europe, a creative and original work is protected by copyright from the moment of creation. Protection does not require registration nor preparation of a formal application. However, it is worth to take conscious steps to protect your copyrights in the best possible way.

We advise clients on the entire spectrum of issues related to copyright protection, including graphic works, photographs, works of art or computer programs. We approach to matters comprehensively to ensure a safe legal environment.

Our services include:

  • drafting copyright transfer agreements;
  • negotiating terms and conditions of licence agreements;
  • monitoring of the market, Social Media, auction sites and cooperation with law enforcement agencies in order to protect copyrights;
  • protection of the rights of authors’, including the creators of computer programmes, websites and games, both at the pre-litigation and litigation stages;
  • protection of creators’ rights against copying;
  • counselling on copyright management;
  • preparating of a comprehensive strategy for protection of intellectual property rights.

Protection of authors’ rights on the Internet

We value art and the value artists’ creative work. The growth of the cultural and creative industry and its presence in the digital world requires increased copyright protection and the ability to enforce it effectively.

We support not only artists, but various creative industry stakeholders, designers, graphic designers, media, advertising agencies, IT companies, as well as all those in whose business creativity and copyrights are important.

Our team provides comprehensive advice in the field of copyright protection combined with a business approach to the solutions we propose to clients. We have extensive experience in handling a wide range of copyright cases, including in the digital environment where infringements are increasingly encountered.