Data Protection

Data protection is a key area in any modern organisation. The development of new technologies, cloud and IoT solutions requires a careful look at the flow of information and privacy protection.

We help to adapt the activities of our clients’ organisations to the requirements imposed by the provisions of GDPR.

We provide comprehensive legal solutions for data protection. We assist in the development and implementation of processes compliant with GDPR. We draft documentation legally required for the processing of personal data, and also provide day to day advise. We strive to prepare tailor-made solutions that fit a client’s business.

We also understand that our clients need practical and to the point answers.

Our services include:

  • drafting of documentation relating to the processing of personal data, such as privacy policies, security policies;
  • assistance in implementation of information obligation and drafting applicable information clauses;
  • preparation of the required consent clauses for personal data processing, including consent for dissemination of an image/likeness;
  • preparation of registers of personal data processing activities;
  • drafting authorisations to process personal data;
  • preparation of personal data processing entrustment agreements;
  • preparing regulations and rules of processing in a digital environment;
  • verifying the principles of using cookies and drafting relevant clauses;
  • handling requests from data subjects;
  • audits aimed at analysing the client’s activity in terms of the requirements resulting from GDPR and support in conducting the assessment of the effects of data processing;
  • assistance in matters relating to the processing of personal data in labour law .