Patent litigation

Patents protect inventions. We help protect patents.

This is one of the key areas of our business. We represent Clients at all stages of patent infringement proceedings. We approach matters pragmatically: We believe that the most important issue is to understand the needs and interests of the client and the essence of the invention, and thus to prepare a coherent plan for the case. When advising on issues of tactics we always assess their long-term, strategic consequences.

We work closely with specialists from many fields of technology and various specialties, which enables us to offer our clients comprehensive advice in the most complex disputes, in a wide range of matters: from mechanics to pharmacy. Thanks to cooperation with experienced domestic and foreign patent attorneys of various specialties, we are able to provide clients with comprehensive advice in the most complex disputes. We help entrepreneurs from various industries, but we have particular experience in advising in patent disputes in the field of pharmacy.

We have represented Clients before common courts in precedent patent infringement cases.

We have been engaged in proceedings regarding the revocation of patents before the Patent Office and Administrative Courts. Our involvement is not only on the side of patentees. We also advise Clients in a situation where they have been sued for patent infringement and we represent in patent invalidation proceedings before the Polish Patent Office.

Our services include:

  • representation in court proceedings, ranging from discovery and collection of evidence, preparation of all pleadings in pre-court and court proceedings;
  • assistance in the management of intellectual property rights;
  • drafting license agreements for the use of patents and transfers of rights;
  • conducting negotiations and mediation in matters related to the use of an invention.